PPD Gródków

  • Transport and industrial packaging 
  • Wooden stillages and racks
  • Crates and wooden boxes
  • Tailor-made pallets and floors
  • Certified timber and construction wood
  • Impregnation and phytosanitary treatment
  • Certified wood pellets
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Our products and services

PPD Grodkow manufactures specialized wooden packaging for transportation of industrial products, timber, as well as tailor-made wooden elements. Since 1989 we have been delivering quality products  to our partners in Germany, Switzerland and France.

About us

We are a highly mechanized industrial plant with our own sawmill line, processing large-size softwood, since 1989. We offer a wide range of products and services, from transport packaging for industrial materials and equipment, wooden crates, pallets, boxes, sawn timber and wood pellets, to specialized wood processing services, pressure and vacuum impregnation and relocation services. We employ over 60 wood experts and have three decades of experience in collaborating with large international corporations. PPD Grodkow sp.z o.o. is located near Katowice, South Poland, in direct proximity of the main high-ways A1 and A4.

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Below we present photos of large-scale projects for which our wooden elements were used.

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